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About Brigade

Brigade is a Christian uniformed organization for boys and girls which is both international and interdenominational. Brigade was started by Sir Alexander Smith in 1883 at city called Glasgow, Scotland, Sir William Alexander Smith was a Presbyterian Lay Leader also a Church School Teacher.

In 1909 it was started at Thogoto Church of Torch (P.C.E.A Kimuri) by Dr. KraphDavid Livingstone.

In 1910 Dr. Arthur was Officer in charge at Kimuri.

In 1951 Dr. Ar. Shaw was Officer in charge at Kimuri. In 1967 the N.C.C.K requested International Brigade committee to send someone in Kenya and they sent Mr. John P. Chappell.

In 1973 Mr. W. Githara took over from J.P Chappell in the same year Kenya Became a member of World Conference. In 2002 it became a global fellowship.

Since 1973 Brigade has over 50 registered companies from most Churches P.C.E.A, A.C.K, Methodist, A.I.C e.t.c. In Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi from this emerged Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Brigade.

Sure and steadfast.

The Object of the Boys’ Brigade is the advancement of Christ’s kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness.

Seek, serve and follow Christ.

The Aim of the Girls’ Brigade is to help girls become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and through self-control, reverence and a sense of responsibility to find true enrichment of life.

Brigade in Kiserian Started in the year 2003.

At this time Kiserian Church was still in Oloolaiser Parish.

The Officers who were there were: –

1. Moses Njau – Chairman

2. John Muchuki – Vice Chairman

3. Salome Karwenji – Vice Secretary

4. Mary Njeri – Secretary

5. Peter Muraya – Treasurer

6. Mrs. Maingi – Woman’s Guild Representative

7. Patron – Elder Charles Watatua

8. Few members more members appointed by the Church.

They had 24 boys and 24 girls by 17/06/2004, there were 4 men Officers for boys and 5 ladies’ Officers for girls.

Other Officers were the late Mary Ngugi (Warrant Officer) Wambui Esther, Serah Njeri.

Activities like parade, drills started at 11 th April,2004.

Brigade Officials

1. Lucas Mwaura – Chairman

2. Rose Nyaguthii – Secretary / Girls’ Brigade Captain

3. Joyce Nyambura – Treasurer

4. Grace Njoroge – Vice Chairperson

5. Daniel Ngugi – Vice Secretary / Boys’ Brigade Captain

6. John Muchuki – National Trainer

7. Japheth Musili – Officer

8. Moses Njau – As above

9. Mary Kabiru – As above

10. Mary Wambui – As above

11. Phylis Nyambura – As above

12. Mercy Mwaura – As above

13. Mercy Nduta – As above

14. Peter Nduati – As above

15. Ndung’u Mbugua – As above

16. Njeri Kinonge – As above

1. Chairman – Lucas Mwaura

2. Vice Chairman – Mary Kabiru

3. Secretary – Rose Nyaguthii

4. Treasurer – Peter Nduati

5. Vice Secretary – Japheth Musili

Brigade Officials

i. Lucas Mwaura – Chairperson

ii. Mary Kabiru – Vice Chairperson

iii. Mary Munga – Secretary

iv. Japheth Musili – Vice Secretary

v. Moses Njau – Treasurer

On 9 th March,2006 The Brigade group was registered as Kiserian Company

i. Girls Company: – No. (Number) 136

ii. Boys Company: – No. (Number) 134

In the next year on 2 nd December,2007 the Oloolaiser Parish was subdivided and we were now Kiserian Parish.

In 2007 there were now 5 trained Officers 2 male Officers, 3 female Officers.

In the year of the Church 2006/2007 the Office Bearers changed to: –

1. Salome Karwenji – Chairlady

2. Moses Njau – Treasurer

3. Serah Njeri – Secretary

4. John Muchuki – Vice Chairperson

5. The late Mary Ngugi – Vice Secretary.


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